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Professional audio-visual services at the highest level since 2009

About Us

We provide professional AV technical support for conferences and events. Our offer also includes rental of AV and IT equipment and live streaming services.

We have been a recognized supplier of professional audio-visual services for over 10 years, operating throughout the country and also carrying out foreign orders. We have modern equipment such as sound equipment, lighting, multimedia, stages, IT and conference equipment. Our focus is on punctuality, simplicity and aesthetics. We work only with proven operators, technicians, drivers and subcontractors. Our warehouse is located in Warsaw, Poland.

Over ten years experience!
5000+ satisfied clients!

Technical support for events and conferences

Quality technical services for conferences and events. Sound, video, multimedia, stage, IT. Professional and coordinated execution, skilled and experienced staff.

AV, IT and conference equipment rental

We rent projectors, TVs, sound, lighting, laptops, video consoles, air conditioners and lots of other equipment. We provide equipment to fairs, hotels, film sets.

Event broadcasting, live streaming, online training

We transfer events to the Internet. All services from one supplier. YouTube, Facebook, dedicated servers. Pay-per-view broadcasts. Interaction with the audience.

Light decoration and the wedding market

Streaming from ceremonies, family reunions, connections between rooms, wedding presentations, light decoration, all-inclusive air-conditioning service.

Frequently asked questions


Technical support for events and conferences is the implementation and use of audio-visual (AV) and IT devices as well as stage constructions during the event. The basic elements of technical support for events and conferences are sound system, multimedia and IT, lighting, and stage equipment. In contrast to the rental service, technical support for events and conferences consists in comprehensive and coordinated service of the delivered devices.

We mainly serve indoor events ordered by corporate clients. Thanks to high accuracy, punctuality and reliability we have gained the trust of companies from the medical and pharmaceutical industries. We also handle conferences and press breakfasts as well as trade fairs. During the 10 years of our activity, we have also proved to be a reliable partner in the film and television industry (projection support on film sets and props cooperation).

We take care of events and conferences throughout Europe. Our headquarters is in Warsaw and here we provide most of the services. For many of our clients we also carry out orders throughout the country and Europe. We delivered equipment to, for example, the 2012 Olympics in London or Milan Expo.

We accept transfers, card and cash payments. We accept payments in PLN, EUR, GBP, USD and CHF. We are an EU VAT payer.

We have been renting equipment for the needs of hotels and conference centers for many years. We respond to any customer need, from a small order for microphones or flipcharts to a comprehensive conference service. 


The offer for basic products such as projector rental, television rental, sound system rental etc. can be found at ,  where an order can be placed via the Internet or e-mail. A more complex rental requires an individual quote and contact .

Our offer includes audio-visual equipment such as projectors, projection screens, TV sets, sound system, lighting, cameras and video accessories. We rent conference equipment, e.g. flipcharts, moderation boards, whiteboards, lecterns. We are also happy to rent stage constructions, video consoles and simulators as well as portable air conditioners. 

The basic, uncomplicated equipment can be made available to the client for personal collection as well as delivered, connected and configured. More advanced devices or those requiring specialized transport are delivered only by our transport and connected on site by qualified technicians.

Rental of AV, IT and conference equipment saves money and time. Rental is cheaper, equipment is always functional, updated, properly selected and connected. The customer may receive one summary invoice for all services.

What makes us stand out:

10 years of experience

Priceless knowledge and skills, over 5000 satisfied customers


We treat lateness as a lack of respect for customers and a sign of sloppiness and unprofessionalism.


Proven practices guarantee achieving mistakes-free quality goals.


We know that the equipment is not only to play and shine, but also to look good. We care about cleanliness and aesthetic value.

International cooperation

We have gained the trust of clients and foreign contractors.


We listen to our customers, adapt to new challenges, look for custom-made solutions


Our clients are mainly corporations, TV stations, event agencies, hotels, conference centers and embassies

We provide professional audio-visual services at the highest level for both individual clients and small businesses, as well as support complex projects and comprehensively support conferences and events for large companies. Moreover, we are a recognized partner for small and medium-sized hotels, conference centers and event spaces, also serving companies from the exhibition industry. We have many years of experience in cooperation with the television, film and advertising industry. Our equipment has worked many times on television, film and advertising sets. Our props are delivered along with configuration, transport and service. Projections and open-air cinemas are also nothing uncommon for us. We implement installations for the transmission of sports events and assemble and maintain fixed installations. Bolesta Consulting takes care about customer satisfaction, which results in many years of cooperation, knowledge and contacts in the industry.

AV Services Warsaw Poland
Knowledge at hand


We offer a range of services for the wedding industry. These include rental of sound equipment, projector and screen rental for wedding presentations, lighting rental and decoration of the wedding hall lighting, live internet streaming from the wedding or wedding reception, live transmissions between the rooms (so that guests in one room see what is happening in another room), rental of air conditioners and full-service air-conditioning services for weddings.

The decoration service for the wedding ceremony light consists in renting lighting devices to create or highlight the climate of the place and event. Based on the client’s expectations of the expected effect and within a given budget, we select the appropriate basic and effect lighting to achieve this goal. We usually use spotlights, LED lighting such as LED bars or LED pars, gobo projectors, etc. 

Live streaming from a wedding is the transmission of audio and video from the place of marriage or the wedding reception to the Internet in such a way that the viewer can see the ceremony on the screen of a computer or mobile device. It is often the case that not everyone can be at your celebration for various reasons. It may be that many guests live abroad, some people cannot reach due to old age or illness. Recently, corona virus prevents more people from attending ceremonies. In this situation, live streaming is the perfect solution.

All-inclusive air conditioning service for a wedding involves interviewing, selecting and connecting the appropriate number of devices in the facility to ensure optimal temperature.

The wedding presentation is about displaying joint photos and short films from the life of the bride and groom to show them to a wider group or to thank parents.


Live streaming (live-streaming / live broadcast) is one or multi-camera broadcast of an event to the Internet. Live streaming can be enriched with elements of interaction with the viewer, such as chat or surveys. The main channels of receiving live streaming are popular platforms such as YouTube or Facebook. Closed corporate events are most often implemented by servers and platforms dedicated to these services. A computer or a mobile device is enough to watch the broadcast from the Internet.

The basis of livestreaming success is fast and reliable Internet. We recommend using fast, wired landline connection. In the absence of one, we provide a cellular-based connection. We use the so-called bonding, i.e. we aggregate many cellular networks from different operators into one band to get a stable connection to our server or remote studio. 

We offer a number of solutions aimed at engaging participants, including chat, voting, video calls, polls, etc.

We also offer live streaming services to private individuals. We provide professional broadcast services for private family events such as weddings, anniversaries, and funerals. The most important determinants in our operation are professionalism and discretion.

Yes, you can charge for participating in an online broadcast. We offer our clients PPV (pay-per-view) services, i.e. payments for participation in a given event. 

We are an experienced partner in the field of event services. Check what we can do for your company!

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    Technical support for events and conferences

    Professional complex services of delivery of sound, lighting and stage equipment, multimedia equipment, and set design as well as coordinated service by qualified and experienced technicians and operators.

    AV, IT and conference equipment rental

    We rent audio-visual, multimedia, IT, and conference equipment. We also rent air conditioners, video consoles and simulators. We offer for rent projectors, TVs, speakers, lighting, stage platforms, trusses and many more.

    Event broadcasting, live streaming, online training, video conferencing

    We transfer events, conferences and other events to the Internet. Online transmission is a great addition, and in times of coronavirus also an alternative to a traditional meeting. We provide the highest quality of image and sound as well as interaction with viewers.

    Light decoration and solutions for the wedding market

    Audio-visual services at private events such as weddings or anniversaries. We offer light decoration for wedding halls, live broadcasts, transmission between rooms, connecting with guests, preparation of wedding presentations, air conditioning services.

    Audio-video installations, projector setups, audio-visual consultancy

    We advise on what equipment to choose, prepare and execute AV projects. We audit and review existing infrastructure. We provide permanent installations in restaurants, hotels, companies, and in private houses.

    Audio-visual outsourcing, long-term services for hotels and conference centers

    We provide equipment and qualified service, supporting hotels, conference centers and companies in everyday work. We provide punctual deliveries along with configuration, supporting your employees and solving current problems. We prepare rooms before the event.